Bali Maxx Disposable Vape Flavors – Fiji Fruit

Bali Maxx Disposable Vape Flavors - Fiji Fruit

If you’re a vaper seeking an intense nicotine rush and mind-blowing flavors, Bali Maxxx Fiji Fruit is the perfect device for you. Its delicious blend of tropical fruits transport you to a paradise of sun and sand.

This draw-activated pod delivers 3000+ puffs and is equipped with a rechargeable 1100mAh built-in battery. It also boasts stability for consistent flavor and performance until the very last hit.

Product Description

With a tropical blend of tangy kiwi and sweet berries, Fiji Fruit transports you to a beautiful island paradise with every puff. This easy-to-use disposable pod vape boasts a powerful battery and a high-quality vapor for a rich nicotine buzz without the fuss of refilling or charging.

This upgraded version of the Bali Class has a sleeker design, a more powerful battery, and more mouthwatering flavors to choose from. Easily rechargeable, it’s pocket-friendly, portable, and offers an impressive 3000 puffs, more than most other disposable devices.

A favorite in Bali, jackfruit is commonly used as a topping or ingredient for savory dishes, sweet desserts, and drinks like es buah. It’s a great source of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It also has a distinctive flavor that makes it a perfect match for our tropically inspired Bali Diamond.

Device Specifications

The Bali Diamond Fiji Fruit disposable vape device is a high-performance pod system that’s designed for people who demand power and hits from their portable devices. Powered by a rechargeable 1100mAh built-in battery, this slick device delivers 3000+ puffs—that’s more than most other disposables on the market—and offers 23 tantalizing flavors, including the scrumptious Fiji Fruit—a refreshing tropical flavor that transports you to a paradise of sun and sand.

Designed for mouth-to-lung vaping, the Bali Diamond uses nic salt—a nicotine formulation that delivers a smooth and satisfying hit without the harshness of traditional tobacco cigarettes. It features a powerful 1100mAh battery and comes pre-filled with 9ml of delicious eJuice that will last you all day long. The draw-activated device is also compact and pocket-friendly, making it easy to carry around on the go.

E-Liquid Capacity

Bali Maxxx is a sequel to the popular Bali Class, designed to meet the requirements of frequent vapers who expect more hits and power in one portable device. It is taller to accommodate more e-liquid, and its robust design ensures it can withstand bumps and drops while keeping the e-liquid quality intact.

It comes pre-filled with 9ml of e-liquid that is made using premium food-grade ingredients for a tastier experience. This is significantly more than what most competitors can offer, and the Bali Maxxx can last you for two days of intermittent vaping sessions with its 1100mAh battery.

The Fiji Fruit flavor is a harmonious blend of tropical fruits, including juicy pineapple, sweet mango, and tangy kiwi, offering a fresh and satisfying experience. You can find more flavors for this disposable device in our collection of Bali Maxxx pod bundles. We also carry Bali Diamonds in a range of nicotine strengths, from 0mg to 24mg, to suit your preferences.

Vaping Experience

This device is powered by a high-grade 1100mAh built-in battery. This powerhouse ensures your device remains active until the last drop of e-liquid has been vaporized. This allows you to enjoy a long vaping session, brimming with dense clouds and rich flavors.

This sturdier and more robust version of Bali Class is designed to meet the needs of frequent vapers who expect more power and hits in one portable device. Its compact design looks more like an all-in-one mod and is able to withstand rough handling while ensuring that the e-liquid doesn’t lose quality.

The Fiji Fruit Bali Diamond disposable pod features a refreshing blend of tropical fruits that will transport you to a paradise of sun and sand. This luscious mix combines the sweetness of ripe pineapple, tanginess of mangoes, and refreshing notes of tropical kiwi. The Fiji Fruit pod also delivers a smooth draw and intense nicotine hit. The device is available in 23 tempting flavors, including the scrumptious Blueberry Ice, which plunges your taste buds into a frosty berry wonderland.

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